work-zone safety
News | October 18,2017

University of Minnesota researchers are working on innovative ways to lessen the risks and lower the rate of work-zone crashes

Traffic management
News | October 17,2017

The city council is expected to decide on the $83.5 million proposal that consists of various projects some time next year

traffic safety
News | October 13,2017

A number of agencies in the state are teaming up to implement the "Arrive Alive" Highway Strategic Plan throughout the state

TMA truck
Feature | Loreen Bobo, P.E. | October 12,2017

Florida’s largest road project meets one of the nation’s fastest-growing metropolitan areas

Brian Budzynski
Feature | Brian W. Budzynski | October 12,2017

Are recently announced federal AV guidelines just a sop to industry pressure?

Green bike lane NYC
Feature | Sarah Grossman | October 12,2017

New York City’s Sustainable Streets program makes steady progress

Plowing along smart corridor
Feature | Ronald Poole | October 12,2017

Connected cities drive Ohio transportation forward

Silver line extension
Feature | Ron Jakominich, P.E. | October 12,2017

Dulles Corridor Metrorail project Phase 2 presses forward

Smartphone app
Feature | Tina Quigley | October 12,2017

Smartphone-based traffic management is changing how southern Nevada tracks transportation

Jim Barbaresso
Feature | Jim Barbaresso | October 12,2017

An important part of any Smart City initiative

IDOT survey crew member
Exclusive Feature | Ryan R. Culton, P.E. | October 11,2017

Illinois utilizes 3-D laser scanners to enhance safety

autonomous vehicles
News | October 10,2017

The committee approved the bill after adding amendments to address states' concerns

News | October 10,2017

An APTA study found transit ridership in small town and rural areas increased by 7.8% since 2007

traffic safety
News | October 10,2017

Traffic fatalities rose 5.6% last year, with 37,461 people killed on U.S. roads

Hyperloop One
News | October 09,2017

Leaders forming P3 to push for link between cities

autonomous vehicles
News | October 05,2017

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority is leading a pilot AV project that could bring self-driving vehicle tests to public streets

News | October 03,2017

The project team is pursuing a TIGER grant to fund the extension to the Missouri River

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